Sergius Bionics


Sergious Bionics is a fiscally sponsored project of the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships. It is currently working to develop a low cost, modular, neuroprosthetic arm. Along with the physical design, it is also in the early stages of developing supervised machine learning software for EEG and EMG analysis to allow for natural user control. The arm is open source as we hope others will be inspired by our work as well as build upon it.

Sergius Arm

The Sergius Arm is the prosthetic limb currently under development. Development started over a year ago with the first prototype and has progressed since then. The final product will by a rigid, reliable, and functional prosthetic limb that is configurable for all major upper extremity amputations. It will be controlled by the user using a combination of muscle and brain activity analysis allowing for control as similar to a natural limb as possible. A majority of the structural components are 3D printed so that the designs may be easily accessed and produced, as well as helping to keep the price point low. All designs and software will be released openly once development is complete.

Special Thanks


- Joe Allan

- Jose Mena

- Emily Stoneham

- Cindy Lam

- Devin Wenig

- Ebay

- ExpressPCB

- Austin Clemens

- Nick Farina

- Newton Lee

- Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS)